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Amplify your company’s revenue and profit by putting your customers at the core of your decision-making through Techknomatic’s powerful Voice of Customer (VoC) solutions.

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Constant customer feedback for better decision-making!

With our VoC dashboards, you can get customer feedback across multiple channels, including websites, Surveys, apps, SMS, voice assistants, chatbots, etc. This advanced customer sentiment analysis and real-time data help you drive customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and maximize profits. Plus, you'll understand what matters most to your first-time buyers and repeat customers.

All in all, it’s your best bet to create a world-class customer experience.

Voice of Customer - Way Beyond Just Survey

Yes, customer surveys are helpful. But in today’s world where customer needs and expectations are changing every second, just surveys fall short. That’s where VoC comes into play!

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Multichannel customer feedback

Understanding customer expectations through various channels like social media conversations, contact center interactions, comments from 3rd party sites, web surveys, phone surveys, emails, etc. will help you support them better.

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Drive Incremental Value

It lets you calculate CLV - Customer Lifetime Value, allowing you to identify key metrics such as cost of acquisition, churn rates, market penetration, the share of wallet, retention, and ROI to determine a customer-centric strategy.

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Improved brand reputation

Knowing how customers perceive your brand aids in strategizing brand management. Assisting you in delivering against challenging customer expectations like ‘Immediacy Demands’ and ‘Publicly Vocal’, our VoC solution helps you maintain a healthy brand image.

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Constant performance monitoring

Being able to constantly gauge customer satisfaction levels and your performances, the VoC dashboard will help you contextualize, prioritize, and determine how you can address major customer pain points.

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Higher customer satisfaction

The direct insights you get through a dashboard help you learn from your mistakes and uncover existing and potential issues. Plus, your customers get an efficient way to voice their concerns and when they are heard, trust is built.

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Increased customer retention & revenue

Greater customer satisfaction skyrockets your revenue and simultaneously builds a strong brand reputation and customer loyalty. Through this dashboard, you get a constant feedback loop that, in the long run, works great for customer retention.

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