Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions before joining or applying for Techknomatic jobs? Here are the FAQs to address your questions..

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What employee benefits does Techknomatic offer?

Techknomatic offers different benefits like Tax-Friendly Salary Structure, Provident Fund, Medical Insurance, Growth Opportunities, Early Promotions, and Employee-Friendly Culture.

Do we get work from home?

Techknomatic employees get work from home (not permanent) option based on the projects you are working with, roles and responsibilities you are assigned, and nature of the work.

Do we get on-site opportunities and client-facing roles?

We promote getting exposure to clients or working from the client’s office for our resources as it gives good business understanding. We have resources working from client offices in India, Singapore & Dubai.

What is Hire & Groom Model?

In Hire & Groom model, our L&D team spends time and effort on training & grooming resources on multiple BI tools and technologies to make them project-ready. Generally, this program is designed for 1-3 months based on the candidate's experience and learning speed.

What are the opportunities for Freshers or Interns?

At Techknomatic, we hire freshers or interns in all the departments (IT, Sales, Marketing, HR, Admin). If you are looking for a great career start, visit our careers page.

What qualities do you see in a candidate while hiring?

We look for talented individuals with expertise in the respective domain with a learning attitude, problem-solving, love for innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Still have a question? Don’t worry, our HR team is ready to help you with any questions or problems.