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Tableau Consulting Services

Helping you derive the maximum value out of your data through our top-class Tableau Consulting Services.

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    End to end Tableau Implementation

    From dashboard design to server administration, our pro tableau consultants assist you with every aspect of your Tableau deployment. We employ the best practices throughout the project lifecycle to ensure timely and efficient outcomes.

    Innovative Solutions

    Sometimes there is no straightforward solution to every problem in Tableau and finding the right solution is time-consuming. Our tableau consultants will work closely with you to get the best solution for your problem.

    Dashboard Beautification

    Are you functional expert and looking for making your dashboards beautiful? We have a dedicated team of Tableau consultants who work very closely with UI/UX team who will help you redesign your dashboard so you can deliver vibrant functional dashboard which will be reach in functionality and beauty.

    Rapid Solutions

    Our Tableau consulting services help you in accessing, evaluating, and understanding diverse data to gain valuable insights and enhance your organization’s ability to gather actionable information.

    Let us handle the complex and time-consuming Tableau installation tasks so you can focus on performing more critical IT tasks that will help your business succeed.

    Extended Team of Tableau Certified Consultants

    We will work as part of your team of dedicated Technical, Functional and Techno-Functional experts (Customer facing or behind the scene based on your requirement) and will ensure the right delivery well within time so you can meet your customer’s expectations. We also help clients to set-up and deploy Tableau.

    Performance Analysis

    Is your dashboard performing slowly and you are not sure about the reason? It could be anything from dashboard design, data source usage, development method to server configuration. Our team will help you identify the exact thing which is making your dashboard slow.

    Workbook Documentation

    As documenting Tableau workbook is one of the important process of dashboard delivery, we help you create end to end Tableau workbook documentation in detail. This documentation includes details about different components of workbooks like Data sources used, Calculated fields, Groups, Sets, Parameters, Filters and Hierarchies.

    The documentation is very helpful in project submission / handover phase and can be used for Data Lineage, Impact Analysis and Project submission documentation.

    Tableau Workshops

    In order to use Tableau for visualization, understanding Tableau terminologies, standard processes, Tableau capabilities and limitations is very important for Dashboard users, business teams and development teams. We conduct different Tableau workshops (for Developers, Business users, Analysts) which gives you working knowledge around Tableau functionality, features and capabilities so you can create canned or adhoc dashboards quickly

    Our Tableau workshops give adequate Tableau knowledge, hands on experience, set of assignments and focused guidance which helps you build your Tableau dashboards within no time.

    Why Tableau?

    Quick to Implement
    Visually appealing dashboards
    Multi devise accessibility
    Highly customizable dashboards
    Connection to multiple data sources
    Easy Adhoc Reporting

    3-Step Solution For Actionable Insights With Our Tableau Consulting

    We build sophisticated technology solutions and provide successful outcomes with an innovative approach and an efficient solution.

    Connect the Data

    We will determine the data sets that are crucial to our enterprise, the formats in which they exist, and the processing steps required to process and ingest the data.

    Dashboard Building

    We will walk you through Tableau's interface and create interactive dashboards for you using both the cloud and desktop versions so that you can create reports from anywhere.

    Inspect Additional Insights

    We will enable your decision-makers to access valuable business insights across all devices by integrating with your existing enterprise system.

    Why Techknomatic?

    Experience Tableau Consultants

    Our team of experienced Tableau consultants have hands-on experience delivering Tableau solutions from beginning to end. We know how to help you achieve accelerated data-to-knowledge conversion using Tableau.

    Proven Methodology

    The goal is to create a Tableau solution with a well-defined development process that ensures you can manage all dashboards and changes without worrying. We strive to standardize the overall Tableau development process to make it organized and scalable.

    Less Turnaround Time

    In this rapidly changing analytics environment, we strive to provide the shortest turnaround time for all of our Tableau deliverables, so that you can make informed decisions anytime and anywhere.

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