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Why Recruitment Analysis is Important getting the exact statistics of your current hiring status helps you plan your future hiring strategies. As a recruitment process has different data sources, processes & communications (to & fro) organizing all the data to make informed decisions is the key factor of efficient recruitment


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The Customer

As organizations are giving more focus on making the workplace employee friendly, companies are spending time & efforts in HR analytics platforms. Our client runs IT Services firm in India, and US with 1000+ resources working in different offices across the globe. HR analytics allowed them to make faster and better-informed decisions on strategic, tactic and operational levels, where HR has maximal impact on the business


Take a Look at the Benefits You Get Through Techknomatic’s Dashboards

This customer is one of the biggest Insurance companies in East Asian countries. For the insurance industry, prioritizing and accelerating digital transformation and data-driven efforts to improve operations, customer experiences, and risk management is the most important activity.

The current requirement of dashboards was to set up a mechanism to monitor regulatory compliance, insurance fraud, or managing audit processes, leveraging powerful analytics to make data-informed decisions

Current Recruitment Analysis

Our dashboards help you analyze your current requirements, such as:

  • How many open requirements do we have?
  • Is the requirement posted on all the platforms?
  • How’s the requirement distributed by Department, Roles, and Experience?

Use the Current Requirement Analysis dashboard to track the overall open requirements and the advertisement channels on which the requirements are posted. Analyze the requirement distribution by Department, Experience Range, Location, and Designation. Analyze a long-time pending requirement and decide the recruitment priorities accordingly

Profile Source Analysis

It is easy to analyze the profile sources and get the answers to a few major questions like,

  • What are my best sources for candidates?
  • Are we advertising jobs on the right platforms?

With our dashboards, you can optimize your recruiting efforts by tracking,

  • Candidate sources to identify the origin of quality candidates.
  • Candidate sources to identify the origin of quality candidates.

You can also check how many candidates are applying through social media campaigns, paid portals, referral programs, consultancies & campus hiring. On top of all, our dashboards allow you to optimize your profile sourcing strategy by analyzing the effectiveness of different channels

Candidate Statistics

The candidate statistics data usually includes the following information:

  • How many candidates have applied for the different positions?
  • What is the distribution by department & Position?
  • How’s my candidate flow?

Our dashboards let you

  • Track the number of candidates who have moved through the hiring phases over a given period.
  • Get the current snapshot of the number of candidates at every stage of the hiring process.
  • View the quick summary of every candidate applying for the job.
  • Get the data-driven reports of your screening process to plan your future hiring strategy more effectively.
  • Are we advertising jobs on the right platforms?

Offer Status

You need to analyze the following factors to monitor the offer status:

  • How many offers did we roll out in the given time?
  • How many of them are accepted or rejected?

Our constructive dashboards enable you to

  • Track the number of offers rolled out and their acceptance status by candidates.
  • Check if you have any candidates who have accepted the offer but did not join the company so you can decide your hiring strategy accordingly.
  • Get the details of the candidates who have accepted/rejected the offers.


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