How Techknomatic Redefined The Data Security Management and Governance For an Oil & Gas Industry Leaders


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Our Client

This customer is one of the giants in the oil and gas industry in India. They have many crude oil processing plants with raw materials coming from different gulf countries. The oil processing plants have multiple sensors deployed for tracking every single activity. All the captured data points are analyzed at the process level, plant level, and site level to monitor daily operations.


Oil Processing Operations Analysis
What Was The Client’s Major Challenge?

Managing data with traditional MIS tabular reports

The client has multiple oil processing plants to generate different crude oil products and by-products. All the plats & sites are equipped with different sensors and switches capturing data points. With millions of data points getting captured daily, it was difficult for end-users to get visibility in their captured data using the traditional MIS tabular reports. This led to a delayed decision-making system and impacted the process efficiency.

Techknomatic’s Primary Objective For This Project

Techknomatic’s Primary Objective For This Project

The objective of this project was to combine all the data coming from automated sensors and switches operating in multiple plants & sites and create a single platform to monitor business processes, safety compliance, and finances.

These dashboards are used in identifying the point of failure amongst many source systems & schedules, Incident management, process overview, and overall progress. The client was looking at a visualization service to get a complete data analytics and tracking platform for different KPIs.

The Outcome our Client Received

Strategically created a centralized platform for reporting that resulted in enhanced decision-making

Techknomatic business analysts designed a strategy to finalize the list of KPIs, dashboard designs. Based on this analysis, we proposed 300+ dashboards to track every single data point getting generated by censors. All these dashboards were created and categorized into different groups based on SMEs.

Our dashboards allowed the client to identify the point of failure amongst their many source systems & schedules. As a result, the client was successfully able to track various platforms for different KPIs, perform total data analytics, manage incidents, and ultimately improve the overall progress.

We created a single platform in the form of dashboards to monitor business processes, safety compliance, and finances by combining all the data coming from automated sensors and switches operating in multiple plants & sites.

What were the Final Solutions Techknomatic Provided?

The impact of the delivered solution resulted in the following operational advantages:

Effective & Intuitive Dashboard Designs

By leveraging the capabilities and boundaries of the available reporting tools, we designed pixel-perfect, intuitive, and device-compatible dashboards to highlight the important KPIs for quick decision making.

Data-driven Visualization Culture

We took the responsibility of establishing the visualization culture and dashboarding standards for all the business users in the specific vertical. Every stakeholder was given hands-on training on dashboard utilization and decisions to take using the visual reports.

Accurate Business Decisions

Our dedicated efforts of more than a year helped us create 300+ dashboards using the Dundas BI tool on a platform connecting several different database systems and 40+ source systems. These dashboards helped our client make accurate business decisions backed by data analytics.

Secure & Automated Reporting

With role-based, enterprise-grade security and scheduled reports users are now able to monitor business processes, safety compliance, finances, and key performance Indicators to make governed, informed decisions anytime anywhere

What Benefits Our Client Received?

Techknomatic’s solution resulted in the following benefits:

  • Making data-driven, time-variant, and informed decisions
  • Identifying the point of failure and resolving the issue
  • Managing the data security and governance
  • Creating a reporting centralized platform


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