E-Commerce Order Analysis

Tracking of online & offline business, inventory, & finance using executive dashboards We revamped the business tracking mechanism for a large shoe manufacturer to analyze the online/offline business metrics efficiently


Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Supply Chain

Business Functions

Sales, Finance, Inventory

Solution Delivered

Data Analytics, Dashboard Development





Our Customer

This customer is one of the oldest and largest shoe manufacturers in India. They sell their footwear across all the states & cities of India through retail & wholesale chains along with all the leading
e-commerce websites in India. Their products are popular in Indian retail footwear stores and have a major business presence in the Delhi NCR region.


Effective E-Commerce Order Analysis
Client’s Key Challenge

Our client had offline supply chain processes to manage the retail business through wholesalers. With the management change, the new MD focused on selling products on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra.

With increasing business and constant rate fluctuations in e-commerce platforms, it became difficult to track all the online and offline orders, inventory & pricing strategies.

Ultimately, clients realized that they are selling many products with minimal or zero margins on some of the platforms as they have different prices and inventories on different portals. Even if the data was captured for every transaction, as there were multiple platforms involved, it became difficult to track actual business stats for decision-makers.

Our Objective for Designing the Solution

After understanding all the data points from various sources, the Techknomatic team finalized the scope of work to bring visibility to the decision-making system.

The objective of this project was to reduce the manual calculations done to keep track of inventory, orders, price comparison across portals, profit/loss, comparison of orders received from channels, and tracking the performance of the products.

The Final Outcome of Our Solution

As the final outcome, the Techknomatic team provided a series of executive dashboards to clients for data tracking, analysis, and decision making. The newly created dashboards helped our client eliminate the manual efforts of tracking data points from multiple sources for decision making.

What was Our Solution?

Techknomatic business analysts understood the data points used by our client to make business decisions and came up with a strategy & implementation plan to deliver a series of dashboards on the existing reporting platform.

During the exploration phase, the Techknomatic team realized the gaps in the current analysis, data quality issues, and reluctance of the current team in using the existing reporting solutions. We conducted multiple storyboard sessions to finalize the KPIs to track, dashboard designs & utilization by teams, and the effectiveness of analytics created.

The areas covered in the delivered solution were as the following:

Inventory Analysis

Identifying the list of SKUs that are likely to go out of stock in a given period so that production of such products can be prioritized. Updating the inventory of the SKUs on the eCommerce portals for the SKUs which are available in the inventory.

Product Pricing

Analyzing the pricing gaps and inventory gaps as some products have different prices and inventories on different portals. Keeping all the products available on all the portals by updating inventory.

Product Performance

Analyzing trending and fading products to make production plans and inventory management. Observing product seasonality, sales trend for timely decisions. Comparing wholesale vs e-commerce performance for channel performance tracking.

Profit & Loss Analysis

Capturing & analyzing MoM profit and loss from different portals. Understanding portal wise, wholesaler wise, product wise profit and loss analysis for different periods.

Key Solution Benefits

Techknomatic’s solution resulted in the following benefits:

  • Simplified tracking of inventory, orders, and other metrics.
  • Tracking products and their performance based on various factors.
  • Improvement in keeping stock and removing obsolete products.
  • Identifying target geo-locations and channels that can help reach targets.
  • Forecasting helped our client anticipate the trends for upcoming months.

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